The concept and the principles of the responsible tourism have reached the diving world.
Longitude 181 ( is a French association whose aim is to discover the extraordinary biological and cultural diversity of the world allowing anyone to enjoy the treasures of our planet in the future, in a sustainable and fair way. The honorary president of this association is Albert Falcó, head diver and captain of the Calypso. This association has set up a network of Diving Centers in order to promote a specific type of responsible diving, including two centers from l’Estartit, Unisub and Diving Centre Les Illes.
Some of the most important actions of this association are:
– The edition of an International Guideline for the Responsible Diver, published in 2002 and edited in 20 different languages.
– The edition of an International Guideline for Eco-responsible Diving Centers, published in 2012 and based on the experience of the network of diving centers, who are the ambassadors of the association.
– The “Together against Sea Waste” campaign.
– The Shark’s protection campaign.
Link to the guidelines:
UK’s website Dive Hub ( also has a special interest, as it promotes and suggests destinations and diving centers that have adopted responsible diving standards. The website says that applying responsible tourism principles to diving is a brilliant opportunity to do more to protect and preserve the marine environments, whilst improving the quality of experiences for the divers themselves.
The website includes a behavior code for the responsible diver, and it suggest, for example, volunteering actions related to diving. In addition, it says that the benefits of responsible diving affects divers as well as the environment and local communities.

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