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On July 4th we echoed in facebook the article ” 10 arguments to marketing cycle holidays”.

The topic is not new, there are plenty of articles about the growth of active holidays and very specially about hiking and cycling but in this case it comes from a professional French magazine addressed to travel agencies Tourmag.com

Travel agencies which have lost the protagonism in the sale of tickets and holidays but are finding new niches thanks to the possibilities provided by new technologies.

And what arguments should bear in mind travel agencies? And for extension, all of us aiming to sell cycling holidays in the global market.

  1. Cycle holidays. Offers are adapted to all kinds of families, from babies up to teenagers.
  2. And to all levels, even very relaxing. 2 or 3 hours pedaling to enjoy the landscape and tourist attractions or with electrical bicycles.
  3. Without forgetting the more sportive clients: BTT, road cycling.. travel agencies can also organize trips for local clubs all-included.
  4. Cycle holidays are a nice way to discover new regions, combining with cultural visits, enjoying the gastronomy.
  5. Europe is a safe destination and France is recognized as the lead destination for itinerant routes.   There are very interesting projects as Cycling Loire or the trans-European routes EUROVELO.
  6. Forget mechanical problems. Bicycles have a repair kit and in the organized routes, a help number and information on bike-repair shops is provided.
  7. And what happens if it rains or in case of bad weather? Different possibilities can be done, from cultural visits up to craft workshops. And if bad weather continues, a transfer can be organized to the next stage.
  8. And what happens with luggage? This is already solved in hiking and cycling holidays, luggage is transported from hotel to hotel.
  9. All kind of accommodation is offered to cyclists. From B&B up to high level hotels from Relais&Châteaux. All of them have specific places to keep safe and to repair the bicycles and information is given about the routes in the nearby and on heritage or gastronomy.
  10. Finally, it is pointed out that there are specialists who have focused business in cycling holidays and can recommend the most suitable itineraries.

The article is ended by short interviews to agencies operating in France, with products addressed to individuals but also B2B.

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