At DECABA Tourism and Local Development we direct our actions towards those fields in which we have a contrasted experience of more than 25 years of professional exercise, directing projects and collaborating with several organizations.

Our action is based on the application of policies that encourage a more sustainable and responsible tourism through teamwork, support to the organizations’ technical equipments and the presentation of practical, understandable and innovating solutions.

Our current strengths are:

  • Coastline municipalities. Regeneration strategies of mature tourist areas.
  • Protected Areas. Endogenous development linked to visitors’ attraction and reception.
  • Territories and municipalities. Territorial and tourist development strategies, based on the valorization of the natural and cultural heritage, organization of financial promotion and local development areas.
  • Small municipalities. Strategies to develop new tourist products: diving, nautical activities, walking routes, biking, cultural, wellness, etc.
  • Companies interested in attracting new specific segments tied to new trends of the tourist demand.
  • Entities Public-private tourism management. Support for the creation and / or remodeling.
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