One of most tourist destinations’ weaknesses is ecomobility. This is concept which isn’t used dibujo2much, often due to the absence of any actions, and when these are executed, the lack of promotion and communication leaves them in the background.

The “Patronat de Turisme Costa Brava – Girona”, represented by Josep Capellà as a member of the board, has a great interest in this area, and didn’t want to miss the opportunity of attending the Ecomobilité touristique et de loisirs vers les espaces ruraux. Une opportunité pour les territoires congress, held in Paris on the 9th February.

Organized by the RGSF (Réseau des Grands Sites de France) and the Réseau Rural Français, the event aimed for an improvement in life quality and of the economic opportunities in rural areas. The speeches can be downloaded on the website, with previous registration.

The seminar put the focus on the opportunities that come with ecomobility, taking into account that in big cities, such as Paris, one in every four families doesn’t own a car, mainly because of the disadvantages it involves, and also due to wanting to live in a more sustainable manner.

Among the positive actions highlighted in the conference, the Languedoc – Rousillon region’s project to encourage the use of the train in the Pyrenees and to enable access from cities to beach areas. Other actions involved cultural and sports events.

The Costa Brava’s will is to follow these actions closely, with the aim to find new opportunities to attract visitors, taking into account the benefits for the locals and helping to reduce the impact of vehicles on the environment.

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