El Parco Nazionale delle 5 Terre receives a delegation from the Alt Empodà

“Parco Nazionale delle Cinque Terre (www.parconazionale5terre.it), defined as an “antropic” park, was created in 1999 in an area which was suffering a deep social, economic and demographic recession, which was a consequence of the abandonment of agricultural activity for its lack of competitivity.

The tourist development strategy is therefore recent, and it’s based on valorising and conserving the agrary landscapes situated in the coastal line, and promoting cosmetic and agricultural alimentary products elaborated by the local cooperatives. All of this is complemented with intense internal and external communication policies and with active participation in international programmes and networks, which reinforces the communication and funding policies.

It is actually one of the best positioned amongst walking tourist destinations and it receives around 2,5 million annual visitors.

We had the opportunity to visit this magnificent area and discover its experiences in first person, in a fam trip organized by the Alt Empordà Turisme association (www.empordaturisme.com), from the north of the Costa Brava.

The general impression of all of the trip’s participants was unanimous, in the sensation of having been treated in an exquisite form, and having been able to live an exceptional experience applied in an area of great beauty and contrasts, which has many similar characteristics as some areas in Alt Empordà, between the Natural Park of Cap de Creus and protected area of l’Albera”.

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