Flash Eurobarometer has conducted a second wave to the survey held in 2009 where EU citizens where asked about their holidays in 2008 and their vacation plans for 2009. The current report presents comparative data between the two waves. Some of the results compare travel for leisure purposes in 2008 and 2009. It could be seen that, although similar proportions of EU citizens had travelled at least once, there had been a decrease in those who had made at least one “short private” trip and at least one holiday trip (from 39% in 2008 to 27% in 2009).

When deciding on a holiday destination, the largest proportions (32%) named a location’s overall attractiveness as the key consideration. This factor is up to 53% in the case of German citizens. Cultural heritage (25%) and options for entertainment (16%) were the second and the third most mentioned factors.

58% of EU citizens said that the opinion of friends and colleagues where the (first or second) most important sources of information when making decisions about travel and holiday plans. The Internet was considered to be the main source by 42% of respondents. In both cases, these percentages are higher than those in 2009.

Spain maintains its top position as a destination for main holidays: 8,3% of the answers (excluding those from residents in the country) were planning to visit Spain in 2010. Survey on the attitudes of Europeans towards tourism 2010

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