On the 5th of March the work developed throughout 2009 by DCB Tourism and Local Development was presented to the public in Torroella de Montgrí (www.museudelamediterrania.org). This project was developed with the collaboration of the Tourist Departments of both Alt Empordà (www.empordaturisme.com) and Baix Empordà (www.baixemporda-costabrava.org).

The aim is to define a united work strategy between both regions to valorize the Empordà area, in the context of the Costa Brava trademark, as a reference to discover this territory (active tourism) and to discover all of its products: areas of interest, cultural centres, festivals, gastronomy… which complement and enrich the traditional sun, beach and residential tourism activities.

The foreseen actions are addressed  to create  products together, adapt the territory, support the quality of tourism and to reinforce communication and promotion actions, selecting some of the reference markets.

The work developed by DCB has been complemented with an analysis of how this type of products are presented on other destinations’ websites, a database with more than 700 references of agencies, associations and mass media from 6 different European countries, and also a summary of the main information on tourist and nature tourism demand.. With this information and a press and technical dossier which has also been prepared, communication actions addressed to these markets can be initiated.

Also, contacts have been established to work with other destinations in France, United Kingdom and Italy which will allow us to present united projects to European programs.

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