The European Travel Commission, in its report of April 2010 European Travel Commission Trends 2010 points out to a slight recovery of the tourist activity in Europe over the next months, patterning on data s the first quarter of 2010. For example, the total passengers in airlines grew over the year earlier for the first time since June 2008, despite the fact that it remains, in absolute figures, 10% below. Additionally a small growth is confirmed at the occupancy rates of hotels but not at the prices.

As far as key source markets is concerne, the report emphasises the fact  trips to close are still dominant, with shorter trips. A growth of 4% is expected in the number of trips within Europe from Germany, percentage that would be able to be higher in the case of France and Italy, where available figures point out even to an increase in the length of trips. The United Kingdom continues being the weakest market since, despite the fact that predictions were of slight growth, data corresponding to the first quarter do not state it, with decreases of 2%.
The report  analyses likewise which are the prospects from travel and tourism industries for 2010. Transport companies and travel agencies are more positive about demand expectations, hotels and restaurants remain less certain.

This information was published before latest meetings of the ministers of Economy of the European Union and of the drastic reduction policies of member’s deficit. It will  be necessary therefore to evaluate how they influence on the recovery of the tourism.

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