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In the last few months, Josep Capellà and DCB have developed different projects related to the enhancement of territorial and protected areas’ values and local development. These are the following:

CORKLANDTOUR – RETECORK, the european network of cork producing territories, coordinated by Josep Capellà, has presented a project to the Enterprise and Industry Department of the European Comission, in response to the call for the Promotion of trans-national thematic tourism products in the European Union as means of sustainable tourism development. This project was launched with the participation of other partners from Portugal, Italy and France.

This project’s main goal is to boost and value the knowledge of these landscapes and the cork territories’ heritage, as well as creating tourist products which are based on their singularity and can also boost the tourist offer of these rural areas.

TERRA DE PAS” CONSORTIUM – In the last few months, a group of municipalities from the Cap de Creus and Serra de l’Albera area have been working to define a strategy for tourist promotion and local development. The goal is to show the value of the territory by strengthening the tourist opportunites and the attraction of visitors, creating and offering new job opportunities and, in conclusion, making a better quality of life for residents?

From DCB, we’ve elaborated a work plan which defines the areas where the consortium should act, as well as the main actions which should be carried out.


FIGUERES – Support to different areas in Figueres’ Council (Labour, Enterprise, Tourism and Commerce) in the design of a joint Economic Promotion Area. The work has consisted of supplying the material of experiences in other towns with similar characteristics; analizing the existing studies done in Figueres and surroundings; and coordinating work meetings organized by the professionals of the field.

The result has generated a proposal for the structuring of the area, identifying functional work areas and tools to make these four sections’ work easier and therefore generating cooperation, obtaining external resources and promoting the city.

ULLÀ – This little town, located in the Baix Empordà, has been beneficiary in 2010 of the Viles amb projectes (Town with projects) programm. From DCB, we’ve developed a document analizing the town, with interviews with different local social and economic stakeholders and different proposals for social and economic development strategies.



EL PRAT – In 2008, DCB elaborated a promotion strategy for the different points of interest of El Prat, which were linked to the natural heritage surrounding the Llobregat Delta, the rural space and different equipments which receive or can receive visitors. This was launched to coordinate management tasks, to optimize visitor services and promotion. The goal was to value this heritage in a highly populated area which is crossed by the countries main transport infrastructures.
This year, the municipality chose to continue advancing the valorization of the resources and DCB has prepared the LIFE DELTAPRAT. Strategy for a sustainable public use of the Llobregat Delta project. This was presented to the LIFE 2011 call on Information and Communication. The resolution won’t be public until 2012.

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