Project Management for European Sustainable Development

Tourism is one of the main economic sector in the world and the third economic sector in Europe. It represents the 10% of the GDP and the 12% of the Europe employment, and it has been defined by several worldwide and European institutions as one of the sectors with more opportunities of future development.  This is reflected in various documents, especially the 2010 European Commission report “Europe, the world’s No 1 tourist destination”, which you can find in the next link:

Europe, the world’s No 1 tourist destination

UNESCO also remarks in some of its communications that “the lack of good management and the tourism planning causes the environmental degradation, the destruction of the heritage resources and the social alignment”. Therefore, a good planning and an efficient management, responsible and sustainable is basic in this sector, and in the future the formation and the capacity in European project management  of the people responsible of the projects will be largely valued.

The PM4ESD (Project Management for European Sustainable Development) is a new project management methodology applied to the sustainable tourism principles for designing and managing successfully. This methodology is based in the PRINCE2, a new methodology internationally recognised and largely used in the effective project management by the British government, but also by the German and Swedish government, among others. The realisation of courses and the training of the professionals in this methodology is a project supported by the European Commission, through the Lifelong Learning program of the DG Educació i Cultura, and the methodology has been successfully tested in some of the territories from the NECSTOUR network.

Red Necstour

During April 8th, 9th and 10th, Ignasi Capellà has participated in the “Training for a European Sustainable Development” course, given by Silvia Barbone and Xavier Font, in the Generalitat de Catalunya Business and Employment Department. As well, he has been able to examine in order to obtain the official certification given by the PM4ESD Foundation in Cultural and Sustainable Tourism project management, recognised and appreciated by the European Commission when it comes to evaluate future proposals for European projects.

PM4ESD website

Barcelona PM4ESD

Artícle: DCB Turisme i Desenvolupament Local

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