Mountains are an essential part of our planet. They  provide essential fresh water to billions of people worldwide, are home to wildlife, flora and fauna and offer a place for mountain lovers to be inspired, to play and to adventure. During the sky season many tourists visit the Alps every year, and the environmental damages are severe.

Respect the Mountains is designed to make people aware of the uniqueness and importance of mountain areas and the simple measures you can take to reduce the negative impact. This to make sure that future generations can enjoy the mountains too, that nature is preserved and the economical situation can be secured

They have elaborated a list of 7 recomendations to protect the mountains, and have published a video to spread their initiative:

7 ways to respect the Mountains:

Book Smart

Travel Wise

Support Sustainable Practices

Be a Respectful & Responsible Mountain Tourist

Leave No Trace

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Upcycle

Spread the World

The organization promotes different environmental events every year, such as the Envirotrek Series. Respect the Mountains awareness reached more mountain tourists and provided essential awareness to a wider tourist audience. Together Respect the Mountains and KEEN Footwear are committed to caring for European Mountain areas, so that future generations can enjoy these special environments.

Some of their members are part of European Outdoor Conservation Association and the Alpine Pearls.

Article: Ignasi Capellà Ballbé

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