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postal-retecork7RETECORK, European Network of Cork Territories, is an entity that intends to group all territories and entities related to cork, including the ones who produce and manufacture currently as the ones who did it in the past. The work of this network should facilitate the comprehension of the importance of this field for local development in rural zones, the conservation of Mediterranean landscapes and the preservation of the environment.

RETECORK’s purposes

The organization, constituted in 2007, is in an expansion and consolidation phase. It currently counts with 45 members, the majority of them villages distributed between Spain, Portugal, Italy and France. In addition to these, RETECORK expects expand the number of members and to have a more extensive representation of non territorial entities linked to the field. Another of the intentions of the network is to inform local, national and European political agents about the purposes of the association, the importance of the field and its current situation. Additionally, it intends to inform the media of its actions, to promote a stable relationship with complementary activity associations and to participate in disseminations directed to the general public.

Pilot projects in function

retercork6RETECORK has initiated, with the support of the Diputació de Girona, Ajuntament de Palafrugell, the Institut Català del Suro and the Association “La Cuina de l’Empordanet”, a campaign of wines botelled with cork, as well as a recycling campaign of cork caps. Special postcards have been published and distributed to the associated restaurants as well as specific containers with RETECORK logo to initiate a specialized recollection system of caps.

Josep Capellà is, since its creation, the coordinator of this network.


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