Longe Côte (walking in shallow waters)

In France, the “randonne” concept is gaining new modalities: walking, cycling, horse-riding,  kayaks… and most recently, walking in water.

The French Hiking Federation has explained the popularity of this coastal aquatic march, a sport discipline which consists on walking on the coastline, with water to reaching up to just below the diaphragm. This is a muscular reenforcement and cardiovascular activity, which promotes group connivance and cohesion. This activity was first practiced in the north of the country.

The article explains that this is a good complement to hiking and that it can be done by people of all levels all year around, using a wetsuit and booties. Optionally, a paddle can be used to help maintain balance.

The routes take place in itineraries that are previously identified, on beaches with a shallow depth and without risk of causing an important ecological impact.

This discipline is having a great acceptance in France, due to the ease that practicing it requires and the benefits that it ensures. Some comments request that the cure of the sea-life is taken into account during the practice of this activity.


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Senderisme aqüàtic

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