The Travel Foundation is an independent charity working organization founded  in 2003 with the aim of working with the tourism industry to achieve a more sustainable future for social and environmental tourist destinations. The foundation conducts innovative projects and encourages tourism companies to integrate sustainable tourism to their business, whether it be by protecting the environment or creating employment opportunities for local people.

One of its most impactful initiatives aimed at tour operators has been endorsed by the British associationAITO and other agencies like TUI Travel. Among other actions, the Travel Foundation created several manuals and online tools that can be accessed and downloaded for free on their website to help different types of tourism businesses (hotels, tour operators, travel agencies and small and medium enterprises) to become more sustainable.

This organization has also created a website for booking accommodation (based on Booking) but where 50% of the profits are headed towards social causes.

Other initiatives include environmental projects to improve the quality of life of local people in some of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, or research projects related to sustainability and tourism.

Article: DCB Tourism and Local Development @DCBTurisme

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